Pea Gravel
Decorative rock that is smooth and good for walkways
1" Brown colored rock for landscaping.
1" Red and Grey colored rock for landscaping.
China White
1" White colored rock for landscaping.
Granite River Rock
1 1/2" Granite colored round rock. Used for drainage or a low cost landscaping rock.
Basalt Chip
1 1/2" Rock used for road base or an economical landscape rock. Brown basalt  in color.
Lava Rock
Red Lava rock. Used as a bottom base for a fire pit. A light weight decorative rock.
Granite Driveway Chips
Top course rock for driveways. Can be used for landscaping purposes also
Basalt 5/8 Minus
Gravel used for compaction purposes. Such as a base for patios and fondations
C33 Washed Bedding Sand
A premium fine sand free on an soil that is used as a filler between patio pavers.
Course Sand
A sand mixed with larger aggregate. Used for finished grade under patio pavers.
Rainbow River Rock 7/8"
A colorful alternative to grey river rock used in landscaping. Comes in two sizes 7/8" and 2-3 inch.
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